The WOO plugin helps you to restrict the Customer Payment modes based on Country. It helps you to Enable/Disable any payment mode for any Country or Group of Countries depending on the rule you create.

For Example if you wanted to disable Cash-on-deposit for India it can be done quiet easily, refer the below video which illustrates how to set a rule for Country Specific Payments.

To show you a working example we have created some rules and to check those please follow the below simple instruction.

Go to Demo Shop2 select & add Products to cart after you have completed your shopping check-out and place your order, now you can find the available payment gateways.

  • For India,UK and USA countries Direct bank transfer is Disabled.
  • For Canada Cash on delivery is Disabled.
  • For Germany Cheque payments is Disabled.
  • For Australia PayPal is Disabled.


Restrict Payment Gateways for India.