This plugin helps you to dynamically add the shipping charges to the products for the created rules like the country, city, distance etc. You can dynamically add shipping charge for one product or a group of products based on 44 conditions like country, city, postcode, distance, user role, user id, date & time, category and many more…

Below video tutorial demonstrates on how to implement “Dynamic shipping charge”. In this video you can observe how easily you can setup Dynamic shipping charges for your products.

To try the functionality live please follow below mentioned steps.

Go to Demo Shop2 page select any country specific product (other than the one you are living) and add the product to the cart and you can observe that charge of a shipping method has changed.

Below are countries and their actual & dynamic shipping charges.

Country Actual Shipping Charge Dynamic Shipping Charge
USA 40 46
INDIA 50 36
FRANCE 45 74
CANADA 55 96
SPAIN 75 86
ITALY 85 29
UK 60 76

It surely looks like we are bragging about our product, but we are sure that it will be a game changer for your business.

Dynamic Shipping Charges Based on Distance